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Your Total Benefits Package As a Traveling Pathologists’ Assistant

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The lifestyle of a traveling pathologists’ assistant is so much more than just a job in the lab — it’s an adventure. Notable pathology labs nationwide take on our travel PAs with competitive compensation packages that give them a chance to build up savings and sample every experience their latest location has to offer.

The perks of travel positions go a lot deeper than being paid to explore the country while doing a job you love. The full suite of professional benefits in our total compensation package are a main attraction for pathologists’ assistants and histotechs considering a travel role.

Impressive Total Compensation

  • Competitive Pay: Nicklas Medical Staffing has partnerships with leading labs throughout the U.S. that empower our job seekers to find travel roles with attractive total compensation. We work as a team with our job seekers to find positions of interest that will enable them to fulfill personal ambitions while receiving competitive pay.
  • More Earning Power: Traveling pathologists’ assistants are able to make more money on travel contracts than they’re used to in permanent salaried placements. With opportunities for overtime, if desired, you can have more control over your workload and more chances to maximize your earnings. In addition to standard pay, you’ll be afforded food, housing, and car allowances that leave even more of the money you earn up to your discretion.
  • Paid Expenses: Nicklas provides free lodging arrangements, airfare, meals, car rentals, and other travel expenses while our travel PAs are out on contracts, substantially increasing your final compensation calculations. Get ahead financially with convenient paid expenses that we cover at no cost to you.
  • A Chance to Save: Not only will you have paid housing and food, but you’ll be able to eliminate rent or mortgage payments during your time as a traveling pathologists’ assistant — or even rent out or AirBnB your current residence when away for additional income. Many PAs and HT/HTLs find travel work to be the perfect time in their lives to build up savings with surplus income. With impressive retirement savings programs included in your benefits package, there are plenty of ways to save.
  • Referral Bonuses: Even when not actively out on contracts, many of our travel PAs are able to continue earning money by helping other PAs and histotechs in their professional network to find their next opportunity. Our competitive referral bonuses provide compensation above and beyond your time on the job.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Our job seekers are frequently surprised at the full extent of their complete benefits package through Nicklas Medical Staffing. Not every staffing agency offers competitive packages that include health, dental vision, and retirement options. These programs are not simply perks of being a traveling pathologists’ assistant — they’re a boost to your final compensation for every engagement.

All of our traveling PAs and HT/HTLs have access to wide-ranging benefits including:

  • Health, dental, and vision coverage from day 1!
  • 401(k) / Roth IRA with match
  • Hotel or furnished apartment fully covered
  • Daily meal allowance on days worked
  • Car rental or transportation allowance
  • Mileage or airfare compensation
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Workers' compensation coverage

We always include our most critical security benefits — malpractice insurance and workers’ compensation coverage — at no additional cost, so that you can protect your pathology or histology career without any impact on your paycheck.

Let’s Do the Math!

Landing your next contract in the highly competitive pathologists’ assistant job market is challenging enough. It’s important to us at Nicklas that your job search is as stress-free and convenient as possible. Let us crunch the numbers for you and help you determine your net pay as a travel PA in a snap with our free travel candidate calculator

With critical openings across the country, this is the perfect time to consider working as a traveling pathologists’ assistant or HT/HTL. You can boost your savings, enjoy a robust benefits package, and make a difference in the lab with expenses fully paid and health, dental, and vision from day one.

Contact us today to learn more about our open positions across the U.S.!


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