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More Than Just a Job: Get a Look at the Lifestyle of Travel Lab Professionals

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More-Than-Just-a-Job-Get-a-Look-at-the-Lifestyle-of-Travel-Lab-ProfessionalsTravel lab opportunities deliver an alternative career path for pathologists' assistants and histotechs with every level of experience. Travel PAs and histotechs can command competitive salaries, expand their professional skill sets, test out a new lab environment, and do what they've been trained to do at leading facilities across the country.

Paid lodging, meal allowances, a chance to further their work experiences, and access to a full suite of benefits often attract leading PAs and HTs/HTLs into pursuing travel lab positions. However, many pathology and histology lab specialists quickly realize that a travel position isn't just a job — it's an entire lifestyle that offers several unique advantages on both a professional and personal level.

Nicklas Medical Staffing Travel Lab Professionals Get Paid to See the Country

One of the best parts about the travel lab lifestyle is that you get to explore the country while getting paid to do a job you love. At Nicklas Medical Staffing, we work with leading labs across the country. Our client partnerships throughout the U.S. mean that our job seekers often have options when choosing their next contract.

Some of our PAs and HTs/HTLs have very definitive ideas about where they'd like to go (although our recruiters have been known to offer their insight about a job we know they'd be an excellent fit for even if it's located somewhere they don't know they are going to love exploring...yet). We also work with lab professionals who have more of an open mind when hitting the open road. These professional road warriors don't care where they land — they simply enjoy an opportunity to experience new regions of the country one contract at a time. Either way, a Nicklas Medical Staffing travel position means getting paid to pursue adventure. We pay for travel expenses, housing, food, and benefits that all add to our workers' final compensation package.

Pathologists' Assistants and Histotechs Can Use Travel Lab Jobs to Boost Their Savings

Beyond highly competitive salaries, travel PAs and HTs/HTLs enjoy countless other savings opportunities while on the road. Nicklas Medical Staffing pays for housing during our job seekers' contracts. Many of our pathology and histology lab workers have permanent housing where they live in between contracts. However, some job seekers opt to rent out or AirBnB their current house or apartment while they are away to earn even more cash while traveling.

Additionally, some PAs and histotechs opt not to have a permanent home base at all. Instead, they select long-term contracts and book their jobs back-to-back. Having no gaps between contracts allows them to eliminate rent or mortgage payments altogether while Nicklas pays for their lodging.

Travel PAs and Histotechs Can Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Best of all, the lifestyle of travel lab professionals allows PAs and HTs/HTLs to enjoy increased work flexibility compared to permanent positions. Our temporary pathologists' assistants and histotechs are in full control of their schedules in between contracts.

Many travel lab professionals start out with the idea of taking long breaks between contracts, but enjoy the travel life so much they decided to pursue back-to-back assignments. This type of job flexibility enables travel pathology and histology lab workers to carefully curate a lifestyle that builds their career and achieves the work-life balance that is so critical for medical professionals.

Is The Lifestyle of a Travel Lab Professional for You?

Still not sure? Already packed and ready to hit the road? Wherever you're at in the process of pursuing travel lab opportunities, Nicklas Medical can help. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced lab recruiters and learn more about our open temporary positions.

Be sure to download our free guide, 6 Tips to Maximize Your Income on Your Next Pathology or Histology Job, for more insight on embracing the travel lab professional lifestyle.

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