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Travel Hourly Estimator

Find out how much your hourly pay could be on a travel job.


Career Building Handbook for Pathologists' Assistants and Histotechs

Career Building Handbook

Comprehensive guide with resources, skills, & tips on how to stand out and land your dream lab job.



Tips to Maximize Income

Learn insider tips on how to maximize profits on your next travel lab job.



Pack Your Bags

Nicklas Medical Staffing's FREE EBOOK offers insight on several critical components.



Budget Fastbreak

Earn points and skip the line when you rent a car!


Resume Tips for Pathologists' Assistants and Histotechs

Resume Tips

Here are some tips to develop a well-crafted, pathology or histology resume

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Interviewing Tips for Pathologists' Assistants and Histotechs

Interviewing Tips

Here are a few of our favorite tips we share with our job seekers to help them land their next lab job.

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man handing resume to employer

Resume Template

This template keeps everything organized so that you can tackle your job search with confidence.

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