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Why Now is a Great Time to Land a Temporary Lab Job

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Over the last 12 months, many pathologists’ assistants and histotechs have felt the professional whiplash of rapidly changing job market conditions. The alternating hiring halts and surges often made it challenging for lab professionals to find their next permanent pathology or histology lab position. Fortunately, permanent opportunities aren’t the only option available for innovative pathologists’ assistants and histotechs. The current job market offers a wide range of temporary lab opportunities for these job seekers looking to pursue adventure and keep their careers moving in a positive direction. 

Temporary Lab Positions Offer Several Significant Benefits to PAs and HT/HTLs
Whether you’re decades into your PA or histotech career or just coming out of school and struggling to find your first dream job, you may want to consider a temporary lab position. At Nicklas Medical Staffing, we work with job seekers with every experience level to match them with the right temporary opportunities for their search. Our job seekers quickly realize that temporary pathology and histology lab jobs offer several significant benefits:

Experience a Different Lab Type
Experienced PAs and HTs may want to try out a new lab environment but are worried they won’t love it. New lab professionals hitting the job market may not yet know what lab type is the best fit for their needs and skills. A temporary lab position offers PAs and histotechs a chance to become familiar with a lab in short sprints to determine if it’s a good fit for their strengths and preferences. 

Try Before You Buy
Lab environments aren’t the only try-before-you-buy benefit of temporary lab opportunities. Choosing a temp job can also be a great way to experience a new city, state, or region of the country. You’ll have the chance to explore your home away from home during your contract to determine if it’s a place where you’d like to pursue future lab positions. 

Grow Your Skill Set
Temporary pathology and histology lab jobs also allow PAs and HTs a chance to expand their skill sets quickly. Labs offer on-the-job training that enables pathologists’ assistants and histotechs to master new technologies, software, and techniques in an abbreviated stretch of time. It’s a great way to grow your resume without a long-term commitment. 

Get a Foot in the Door
Some of the more in-demand cities can be harder to get into than others. If you’re struggling to land a position at your dream location, you should consider applying for a temporary job. Landing a temp opportunity near a city in which you’d like to work allows you to make a great impression on the key players and may give you a leg up on the competition vying for the next open position. Additionally, working in a specific region also offers a chance to network with other pathology and histology labs in the same city. 

Most importantly, working temporary lab jobs offers exceptional flexibility to pathologists’ assistants and histotechs at every phase of their careers. Many PAs and histotechs leverage these opportunities to earn a competitive pay rate during market uncertainty, enjoy longer stretches of downtime in between assignments, and better prioritize work/life balance. 

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