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The Benefits of Travel Pathologists’ Assistant and Histotech Jobs

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female explorer looking at a map outdoorsTravel pathologists’ assistant and histotech jobs deliver an unmatched opportunity to explore varied destinations and expand workplace experience at leading labs across the U.S. However, these contracts offer far more than an opportunity to pursue adventure and a short-term change of scenery. Pathology and histology lab contracts provide a wide range of unique advantages that make this hiring model more compelling and financially lucrative than many job seekers initially realize. 

Pathology and Histology Lab Contracts Deliver Several Essential Benefits

PAs and histotechs working temporary jobs enjoy several distinctive benefits including:

No Office Politics
Working travel pathologists’ assistant or histotech contracts means you get the joys of workplace camaraderie, expanding your network, working beside skilled and qualified professionals, and none of the office politics associated with permanent positions. No workplace gossip, no mandatory staff meetings — you get to be a valued lab contributor and  team member and enjoy all the perks and courtesies that come along with being new to the facility. 

Test Out New Work Environments
Curious about working in a bigger (or smaller) lab? Or maybe you’re considering testing out different lab types to determine which model is the best fit for you? Travel PA and histotech contracts offer an ideal way to “kick the tires” on a different work environment without the hassle of a full-time, permanent job commitment. 

Smaller Doses of Bigger Personalities
Sometimes difficult colleagues can put a major damper on what initially may feel like a dream job. Like any workplace, pathology and histology labs can be chock full of challenging personalities. Fortunately, it’s always easier to deal with a difficult personality when you know the end date for dealing with this particular person. Accepting a travel PA and histotech assignment means that, in the event the lab culture or coworkers aren’t a good fit, you only have to complete your short-term contract before moving on to a new opportunity. 

Housing Allowance
Travel PAs and histotechs receive a housing allowance to make life on the road as carefree (and cost-conscious) as possible. A competent staffing agency allows job seekers the personal choice of receiving a housing allowance or will directly book accommodations on your behalf before the contract begins for optimized convenience.

Health, Dental, Vision, and 401K
Many travel PAs and histotechs don’t realize that not all of today’s staffing agencies offer competitive benefits, such as health, dental, vision, and a 401K plan. These programs are more than just perks; they increase the final compensation package and help employees make long-term financial savings plans. 

Automobile Allowance and a Supplemental Insurance
Travel PAs and histotechs never know where the professional road may lead them. Sometimes you may want to bring your own vehicle — sometimes it may not be an option. The right laboratory staffing firm will recognize your need for transportation on assignment, providing you with an automobile allowance throughout your contract duration and even offer supplemental auto insurance for coverage while you’re away. 

Malpractice Insurance and Workers’ Compensation
Travel PAs and histotechs often assume they will have to carry their own malpractice insurance and workers’ compensation. Not true at Nicklas Medical Staffing. The right staffing agency provides coverage for peace of mind throughout your contract, should the unexpected occur. 

Referral Bonus
Best of all, travel PAs and histotechs are often surprised to learn that they can earn money even when they aren’t actively working on a contract. Nicklas Medical Staffing offers competitive referral bonuses, enabling you to help those in your network find their next PA or histotech opportunity.

Nicklas Medical Staffing Offers a Full Suite of Benefits for Travel PAs and Histotechs

Owned and operated by a former practicing pathologists’ assistant, Nicklas Medical Staffing provides an innovative and extensive benefits program including health, 401K, and medical malpractice insurance, as well as travel, lodging, and transportation allowances and supplemental car insurance. 

Contact Nicklas Medical Staffing today to begin sourcing your next opportunity. Be sure to download our Travel Pathologists' Assistant & Histotech Salary Calculator to take a closer look at the benefits of travel PA and histotech jobs.


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