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3 Million Things You May Not Know About Nicklas Medical Staffing’s Travel PA Positions

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bigstock-Macro-Globe-Map-Detail---26405726Okay, so maybe three million is a slight exaggeration. However, as a leading lab recruiting agency, Nicklas Medical Staffing recognizes our pathologists’ assistants and histotechs have a lot of questions about travel positions — and rightfully so. We strongly encourage our job seekers to get as much information as possible before deciding whether pursuing travel pathologists’ assistant and histotech opportunities is the right choice for them. 

Nicklas Medical Staffing’s Travel Positions Offer Several Unique Benefits 

Of course, when providing insight into travel positions, we can only speak for ourselves. As the only lab staffing agency owned and operated by a certified pathologists’ assistant, Nicklas Medical Staffing knows firsthand what’s important to our lab professionals, and our services and differentiators reflect that. You might be considering contract pathology or histology opportunities for the first time or have worked with other laboratory staffing recruiters in the past.  No matter what your level of experience is, there are some things you may not know about pursuing travel histotech or PA positions from Nicklas Medical Staffing: 

Personalized Job Seeking Experience

Working with the only lab staffing agency owned by a former practicing pathologists’ assistant has its advantages. Nicklas Medical Staffing understands the support that our PAs and histotechs need for success on the road, and we do everything we can to make sure we provide it. We consult with every lab professional before we submit your resume anywhere to understand your specific career goals. We merge your job requirements and preferences with our industry expertise and insight to develop a personalized search approach made for you. 

Continued Support Throughout Contract Duration

Nicklas Medical Staffing values our PA and histotech partnerships. We work hard to find the right placement fit. However, we’re not done once you get the offer. The Nicklas Medical Staffing team coordinates a wide range of travel logistics as needed to make the transition as stress-free as possible. Additionally, throughout your contract, we’re always available to answer questions and get the information you need for a positive work experience.  

Access to Jobs of Every Lab Type

Do you prefer a particular lab type over the others? Is there a lab environment you’re interested in trying for a short time before committing to something long term? Nicklas Medical Staffing has an established network of hiring managers at all four lab types: community hospitals, free standing labs, university hospitals, and private pathology groups. 

Opportunities Everywhere

We have contacts at labs across the entire U.S., helping our job seekers get paid while exploring new regions of the country. Our travel positions deliver a rare opportunity to have an adventure and advance lab skills and experience levels. 

Competitive Compensation Packages

Travel PA and histotech opportunities offer lab professionals a highly competitive hourly rate. However, our job seekers are often surprised at our extensive benefits package. We offer health, dental, vision, 401(k)/Roth IRA with match, holiday pay, malpractice insurance and more to increase final compensation on our travel jobs. 

Still Have Questions about our Travel Positions?

We have answers. Contact Nicklas Medical Staffing today to learn more about the benefits our travel PA and histotech positions deliver. Be sure to download our Travel Pathologists’ Assistant and Histotech Calculator to take a deeper dive into our compensation package. 

Pathologists' Assistant & Histotech Salary Calculator

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