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Contract vs. Permanent: Is It Time to Change Your Pathology Staffing Model?

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bigstock-Portrait-Of-Medical-Team-Stand-300960508COVID-19 hasn’t only changed grossing standards and requirements in anatomic pathology labs, but it’s also transformed staffing practices. Contract and contract-to-perm histotechs and pathologists’ assistants have long proven to be an invaluable resource for labs with talent shortages. However, in post-COVID-19 conditions, travel and temporary grossing professionals are experiencing an upswing in facilities across the U.S. as labs adjust to shifts in patient demand. Even lab managers and HR professionals who typically rely solely on permanent hires to keep their facilities running are now taking a closer look at their current hiring practices to include contract and contract-to-perm pathologists’ assistants and histotechs in their workforce.  

Travel Pathologists’ Assistants and Histotechs Can Optimize Output at Your Lab

Is it time for you to adjust your pathology staffing model to adapt to current and future disruptions in the healthcare vertical? Including travel pathologists’ assistants and histotechs in your grossing lab provides an agile and dynamic hiring solution in any economic climate. Including contract and contract-to-perm grossing professionals in your lab environment can help resolve:

Short-Term Staffing Gaps

Grossing labs typically rely on travel pathologist assistants and histotechs to eliminate short-term staffing gaps and shortages within their team. A temporary grossing professional’s contract generally starts at 13 weeks, with the option to renew once the contract is completed if needed. The abbreviated hire dates make travel PAs and histotechs a flexible way to cover employee vacations, extended time off, maternity and medical leave as well as holiday and flu seasons. 

Hard-to-Fill Positions

Some labs may find filling their positions with full-time pathologists’ assistants and histotechs challenging for multiple reasons. Lab location and size, budgets, required experience, and the facility’s internal culture can make it difficult to fill open, permanent job opportunities. Contract and contract-to-perm candidates offer an effective and expedient way for struggling labs to source talented and experienced professionals from around the country.

Eliminate Hiring Under Pressure

Most lab managers know that finding top-tier permanent talent can be a lengthy process that requires extensive time and attention before making a final hiring decision. Unfortunately, the fast pace and high demand atmosphere of a productive grossing lab often mean the positions must be backfilled almost immediately. As a result, lab executives and HR professionals can often find themselves forced to accelerate the hiring process, opting to fill a position as quickly as possible rather than conducting a thorough candidate search for the best potential applicant. Including travel pathologist assistants and histotechs in their search relieves the stress of hiring under pressure and can reduce the risk of employee turnover due to a forced staffing fit. A skilled and experienced pathologists’ assistant recruiter specializing in contract placements can find a qualified travel candidate to meet grossing demand and afford your lab the time needed to identify the right permanent resource for your open opportunity. 

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