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A Pathologists’ Assistant Recruiter Can Increase Lab Grossing Efficiency

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ImageWorking with a pathologists’ assistant staffing recruiter accelerates the hiring process for labs of every size and scope. However, working with a pathologists’ assistant staffing recruiter who has actual hands-on pathologists’ assistant experience can completely change the hiring game for lab executives. 

The Benefits of Working With a Pathologists Assistant Staffing Recruiter With PA Experience

The breakneck pace and high grossing volume required in today's anatomic pathology labs can quickly disrupt output in facilities that are understaffed or experiencing an upswing in employee turnover. Lab executives struggling with insufficient staffing resources recognize the need to hire permanent and temporary pathologists' assistants and histotechs. However, most lab managers simply don't have the bandwidth needed to dedicate to an often long, arduous candidate search—and still perform their own daily tasks and responsibilities. Partnering with an ASCP-certified pathologists’ assistant recruiter, who has professional experience as a PA, takes the hiring process up a notch, boosting sourcing speed, transparency, and final results across multiple crucial components, such as:

Lab Requirements
Recruiters who have worked as a pathologists’ assistant have direct lab experience, enabling them to be far more than an “order taker” who’s ready to respond every time your facility has an open requirement.  A skilled and qualified PA staffing recruiter will work closely with you to understand your lab's specific requirements, conditions, and culture. Your chosen partner can serve as an extension of your team, proactively anticipating your staffing needs and developing a hiring strategy that leverages both permanent and travel resources to eliminate performance gaps and minimize the burden on your current internal team. 

Job Descriptions
A poorly written job description can grind your candidate search to a halt before it even begins, particularly with online job seekers. Creating a compelling and informative job description plays a vital role in finding the right PA or histotech for your facility. An experienced pathologist assistant recruiter has both the staffing and medical insight needed to develop an engaging job description that will resonate with the right talent pool as well as quickly filter out applicants who don’t have the necessary qualifications.

Candidate Screening
Most medical staffing agencies will diligently screen potential histotech and pathologist assistant candidates before submitting them to you. However, a pathologists’ assistant staffing recruiter can elevate the applicant vetting system beyond confirming education, experience, and certifications to pinpoint the necessary hard and soft skill sets that ensure a more seamless hiring fit. 

Established Network
Sometimes hiring the very best pathologists’ assistants and histotechs boils down to who you know. ASCP-certified pathologists’ assistant recruiters have an established network of elite talent that they’ve worked with during their own lab tenures. Your chosen provider can use their grossing experience for your benefit, tapping into their professional network of pathologists’ assistants and histotechs to find qualified, competent candidates to optimize grossing efficiency and output within your facility.

Nicklas Staffing Is Owned and Operated by a Former Pathologists’ Assistant

Nicklas Medical Staffing is the only recruiting firm owned and operated by a former pathologists’ assistant. Our direct lab experience uniquely qualifies us to connect elite permanent and temporary PAs and histotechs with lab leaders across the country. Schedule an appointment today to learn more. Or, download our free FREE Histotech and Pathologist Assistant Salary and Hiring Guide for insight on sourcing the best available talent for your lab.

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