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The Benefits of Working With a Recruiter Who Has Hands-on Lab Experience

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Lab directors know that running a lab at full force requires the right lab workforce. Maintaining the appropriate number of resources within the facility can prove a full-time job in itself. Hiring challenges can take up so much time that lab leaders struggle to keep up with the rest of their responsibilities.

Recruiters With Firsthand Lab Experience Change How Facilities Hire

A lab staffing recruiter provides valuable support to lab directors managing a diverse range of pathologists’ assistant and histotech staffing issues. While most facility leaders recognize the importance of using an outside pathology and histology lab staffing recruiter, some don’t realize that not all recruiting agencies are created alike. Working with a pathologists’ assistant and histotech recruiter who has actual hands-on lab experience can help facility leaders level up their hiring practices, and most importantly, provide them with the capacity needed to focus on higher-level strategies and tactics within their operations. 

A PA(ASCP)-Certified Recruiter Helps Resolve Some of Your Lab’s Biggest Hiring Challenges

A certified PA(ASCP) lab staffing recruiter with hands-on experience can help you resolve several potential hiring challenges that directly impact your processes, efficiencies, and productivity levels, such as: 

Increased Turnover
Every lab is faced with turnover at various intervals. However, elevated employee turnover puts pathology and histology labs at risk for more mistakes and can even influence patient diagnosis results. A recruiter who has gross room bench experience understands both the hard and soft skills a job seeker will need for success in any work environment. They will have the insight required to eliminate candidates that may look great on paper but still may not be the right match for your facility. 

Staff Exhaustion
Workplace stress continues to plague the medical industry, and histology/pathology labs are no exception, particularly during the season of end-of-year surgery upswings. A skilled PA(ASCP)-certified lab staffing recruiter will work with you to develop a staffing approach that includes temporary, temp-to-perm, and permanent placements to give your team a reprieve when they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Best of all, a competent recruiting agency will know how to find a job seeker best suited for your lab’s specific pace, culture, and productivity quotas for success. 

Unexpected Staff Gaps
Unplanned employee leaves and absences can quickly derail operations in a pathology or histology lab. A recruiter with hands-on lab experience has the experience, insight, and flexibility needed to resolve unplanned staffing issues as they arise. Beyond their staffing database, a former practicing pathologists’ assistant has access to an established professional network of proven PAs and histotechs that they’ve developed during their own time in the lab. Your recruiter can leverage their expertise to your advantage, adapting their search based on your needs to minimize risk and performance inconsistencies. 

Nicklas Staffing is Owned and Operated by a PA(ASCP)-Certified Recruiter

Nicklas Medical Staffing is the only lab recruiting firm owned and operated by a former pathologists’ assistant. Our direct lab experience equips us with the tools and resources needed to find the right match for our histology and pathology lab leaders. Schedule an appointment today to learn more. Be sure to download our FREE Staffing Plan PDF for tips on developing an effective staffing strategy for your lab. 


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