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Don’t Wait: Why You’ll Want to Reach out to Pathology Staffing Agencies Early in 2021

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Dont-Wait-Too-LongThe new year has finally arrived. Most of us are thrilled to have 2020 in our rearview mirrors for reasons that require no explanation. However, many pathology and histology lab leaders are celebrating the close of 2020 for two very specific reasons: the holidays are over. And, once again, they’ve muddled through one of the busiest, most challenging staffing seasons of their year.

November and December are often some of the most difficult months for pathology and histology labs with an insufficient staffing strategy. Employee vacations, holiday celebrations, the end-of-year insurance surge, and an increase in sick time due to flu season all come into play, making these two months exceptionally stressful in a typical year. 

Connect With Lab Staffing Recruiters Now to Manage Current, Future, and Even Last-Minute Staffing Gaps

However, as we all know, there was nothing typical about 2020. In addition to the expected holiday staffing gaps, this year pathology and histology labs also had to navigate through hiring shortages caused by a rapidly fluctuating economy and surge in positive COVID-19 cases. It’s no surprise that many lab directors are relieved to see that January has arrived. They may even believe that they can relax a bit and take a more reactive approach to PA and histotech staffing in the new year. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. While November and December can be some of the busiest months for pathology and histology labs, January is often the busiest month for pathology and histology recruiters. In fact, staffing requests surge in mid-to-late January and stay that way until the end of March, as labs get ready for summer coverage. Then, beginning in early-to-mid September, the surge starts up again as lab directors begin planning for the next holiday season. 

As a result, lab managers know that now is the time to act to stay ahead of the staffing curve in the new year. Over the next few weeks, PA and histotech staffing agencies will have an onslaught of both job seekers and hiring managers reaching out to both find opportunities and fill open requirements. The labs that want access to the very best talent and resources before the competition are establishing their needs with their staffing partners in January to prevent PA and histotech shortages and gaps throughout all of 2021.  

The Benefits of Connecting With Your PA and Histotech Recruiter Now
Reaching out to a qualified and experienced pathologists’ assistant and histotech recruiter in January offers several significant advantages to lab directors:

Bandwidth for Upcoming Needs
It’s important to remember: It’s not that you don’t have lab hiring needs — it’s that you don’t have lab hiring needs yet. Contacting a competent pathology and histology lab recruiter in January to discuss upcoming openings allows your vendor to plan accordingly and ensure they have the capacity needed to give your future jobs the attention they deserve. 

Advanced Planning for Busy Seasons
The holiday season isn’t the only time of year when labs experience pathologists’ assistants and histotech shortages. Your PA recruiter can offer insight on other busy stretches throughout the year, such as popular school vacations, spring breaks, and summer holidays that may require travel PAs and histotechs to help minimize the risk of hiring gaps in your operations. 

Proactive Sourcing
High-performing recruiting agencies are always sourcing and screening candidates to grow their talent networks. Discussing your 2021 hiring strategy with an experienced recruiting team as early as possible allows them to recognize which candidates will be a solid fit in your lab environment so they can help make the right match when the need arises. But, don’t be afraid to reach out at the last minute if the need arises. An experienced lab staffing firm is always getting new applicants and will have the flexibility needed to find the right fit.   

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