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The Average Length of Travel Laboratory Jobs For PAs and HT/HTLs

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Have you considered exploring travel opportunities as a pathologists’ assistant or histotech? A traveling role can be an exciting opportunity to increase your total compensation while exploring the country and testing out new lab environments. But how long would you need to commit to travel, and how often would your location change?

At one time, there was a very cut and dry answer to this question. These days, there’s a lot more flexibility available to travel PAs. The short answer is this:

  • The standard travel contract for PAs or HT/HTLs runs 13 weeks
  • Opportunities with longer and shorter durations have become common

Let’s dive a bit deeper into what’s available:

The Average Travel Laboratory Contract Duration

Travel pathology careers and histology careers have been built on 13-week contracts for decades. This industry standard is not just for PAs and HT/HTLs, either. Travel contracts with 13-week durations have long been typical across the healthcare and medical fields. This is because travel roles were originally designed to help hospitals and labs meet seasonal shortages. With a season making up approximately 3 months, 13 weeks was the perfect standard duration.

However, the truth is that the PA and HT/HTL progressions have grown and demands have changed. We’re seeing much more variation today in the length of available contracts. Many pathology labs are finding that they now have a need for travel PAs and histotechs year-round.

If you’re someone who prefers the stability of a longer assignment, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find one. If you prefer a faster-paced travel schedule and the chance to see many locations and labs, shorter assignments will also likely be available.

What’s the Range of Possible Contract Lengths?

Today’s job market holds a rich assortment of assignment lengths that can accommodate quite a wide range of job seeker preferences. Assignments of up to six months (or longer) are often available up front. Even on a shorter 13-week contract, it’s not uncommon to have the opportunity to extend the assignment length. This is especially true in times of shortages and market disruptions, when lab needs are in flux and extending a travel contract may help the lab meet unforeseen needs.

Contracts as brief as a single week are also commonly available for those who are interested in shorter stays on the road. Well-connected travel lab staffing agencies like Nicklas Medical Staffing have the ability to custom-cater the job search to the needs of their pathologists’ assistants and histotechs. Whether this means two to three months, six months, or just one week, we’re your best resource for personalized options.

Do I Have to Leave When My Assignment Ends?

Traveling pathologists’ assistants can even discover a dream job through the process of exploring labs across the nation. Did you like your latest assignment? It’s sometimes possible to take a second assignment (or extend your assignment) within the same hospital and continue your stay for several additional weeks or months. However, this is not the only way to stay after a travel assignment concludes! 

Temp-to-perm opportunities are always opening up in pathology labs nationwide. If you’re interested, you can work with your travel lab agency to find contract opportunities that are designed to help labs identify and recruit talented pathologists’ assistants and histotechs for permanent roles. If the travel contract goes well for both sides, you may decide to keep the job and settle down.

Find Your Next Travel or Temp-to-Perm Position With Nicklas

Explore your options and plan for the level of stability you want (or the flexibility that you need) with the only laboratory staffing agency 100% owned and operated by ASCP-certified pathologists’ assistants. We’ll work closely with you to identify the right-fit PA and HT/HTL travel laboratory jobs for your current needs. The possibilities are limitless. Contact us to take control over your career as a traveler and enjoy the freedom to pick between up-and-go opportunities or openings where you can stay for the long haul!

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