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Help Me Help You: Getting the Most From Your Pathology Lab Recruiter

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A job search in a specialized field such as pathology can be overwhelming on your own. There’s a lot to consider between compensation, location, opportunity for growth, skill sets required, and making a great first impression in each interview. 

Your pathology lab recruiter is ready to streamline that process at every step. Building a good relationship with your recruiter can make the job search not only move along more quickly, but result in better job opportunities. You’ll want to maximize the benefits of your relationship with your recruiting agency, but where should you begin? Jerry McGuire may have said it best:

It’s important to keep in mind that your recruiter is truly there to help you succeed. The more you’re able to help your recruiter, the better the recruiter will be able to help you to quickly find an outstanding job opportunity and achieve a great match. Here are a few quick tips for getting the most out of your lab recruiter relationship:

Be Clear and Upfront with Your Recruiter

Always be clear and upfront with your recruiter about your preferences and needs. Remember, your recruiter is on your side. Perhaps in an adversarial interaction like a negotiation to you wouldn’t want to put all the cards on the table right away, but your recruiter is your ally. What they don’t know can’t help you. The more your lab recruiter understands your priorities and what you’re worried about, the better they can help you establish the right expectations and set effective priorities in your search.

Dot Your i’s and Cross Your t’s (Do Your Paperwork!)

Before every face-to-face interview, you existed as just a paper applicant. The paperwork is your first impression, and a good one is what will earn you the interview. The more documentation you can show about your skills and qualifications, the better. 

Resume, skills checklists, credentials and licenses, and references are essential to complete and submit quickly. Make sure your resume has perfect grammar and punctuation. When your recruiter is out there looking for the perfect match, they’ll need the firepower to show off their right-fit candidate (you!).

With Your Lab Staffing Agency, Less is More

It’s okay to shop around, but less is truly more when it comes to lab recruitment relationships. When deciding which agency or agencies you want to work with, try to focus on a strong relationship with one staffing agency’s recruiters, rather than going wide and applying to jobs across many agencies. This focus helps you to be taken seriously, makes it easier to manage job submissions, and keeps your recruiter thinking of you when an exciting opportunity opens up that reminds them of you.

It’s also important to focus on good communication with your recruiter if you’re still shopping around or maintaining other relationships. It won’t help your recruiter to succeed for you if they’re working on finding a job, but you’ve already booked with another agency on the same timeline.

Less is also more in terms of the number of lab recruiters in the agency! A small team of recruiters, such as Nicklas Medical Staffing, means faster turnaround time and more personalized service. Larger agencies can make you feel like a number and will have less time to respond to or consider your individual needs.

Agency Specialization Helps Us Help You

Generic agencies don’t have what it takes to understand the ins and outs of pathology lab jobs like you do, as the person who’s working in the lab. When your lab recruiter is a former practicing pathologists’ assistant (and licensed by the ASCP), you know you’re in good hands. You’ll get the most from your lab recruiter relationship when the recruiter can directly relate to the job expectations and work environment because they’ve been in your shoes. Nicklas Medical Staffing is the only pathology lab staffing agency owned and operated by a former practicing PA. Get in touch! They’re ready to help with expertise and a personal touch.

You can also get ready for your next role in the lab by doing a little homework on your potential earning power. Explore the range of compensation that’s possible on your next travel opportunity with this free tool!

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