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Nicklas Medical Staffing | Mar 6, 2024 12:53:56 PM


Hiring Temporary Pathologists' Assistants in Maryland at two different locations.

Location #1: Academic lab in a large city.

  • Dates: 4/22 - 7/26
  • Specimen Types: Biopsies, Medium (Gallbladders, Appendices), Large (Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer), and High Complexity (Whipples, Multi-organ Procedures). You will see a wide range of complex resections: ENT, Whipple, hepatectomy, Sarcomas, Lung, and breast. Some autopsies. Some frozens.
  • PAs On Site: 6

Location #2: Solo PA Role at a Relaxed Community Medical Center

  • Dates: 4/22 - 6/14
  • Specimen Types: Biopsies, Medium (Gallbladders, Appendices), and Large (Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer). Some Frozens. No autopsies.
  • PAs On Site: 1

Two Travel PA Jobs in Missouri!


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