Nationwide Permanent & Temporary Staffing for Pathology & Histology Labs


Nicklas Medical Staffing | Jan 31, 2023 10:02:06 AM


The Nutmeg State! 🌰

Temporary or Permanent Pathologists' Assistant needed.

Permanent job with great benefits, specimen diversity, and an exceptional professional staff. The position covers 2 to 3 locations with all types of cases such as: breast, prostate, gyn, gi, etc. ~8k specimens/year in each location. The workload is split between 6 PAs and residents. All locations are hospital based.

One primary PA at each location. This PA and the other current PA rotate to the 3 sites to provide support and vacation coverage. Coverage could be solo as well as paired with another PA at the smaller sites. One smaller site might involve autopsy. All 3 locations have frozens.

Software used: Copath

Career Building Handbook for Pathologists' Assistants and Histotechs
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