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How to Ace the Interview and Land the Lab Job You Want

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Interviewing-TipsAs a leading lab staffing agency, Nicklas Medical Staffing knows that landing a lab job can be challenging. Labs searching for talented pathologists’ assistants and histotechs receive a lot of attention, driving up the competition for the same opportunities. To stand out from other lab technicians and secure their next dream job, even the most talented applicants must shine during the interview process.

If you're worried about your interview skills impacting your chance to land that next dream lab job, Nicklas Medical Staffing can help. Our professional recruiting team works with pathologists’ assistants and histotechs to prepare them for success in high-stress job interviews.

Read our preparation tips to learn how to dazzle the interviewer and land your next lab job.

Disclose Your Weaknesses

Most interviewers will inevitably ask you what your weaknesses are during the interview. A specific interview question that catches many lab professionals off guard is “tell us about a time when you made a mistake and how you corrected it.” Mistakes are inevitable. You need to be willing to acknowledge when you’ve made an error and articulate how you adjusted your work approach to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Get ready to share an honest answer that shows your vulnerability and provides useful insight into how you handled the unexpected.

Don’t Overlook the Basics

It may seem obvious, but be sure not to discredit or overlook the basics. Every job interview requires basic practices for success. Examples of this are researching the company in advance, being on time for the interview, having your resume handy, and finding a quiet place to talk. At Nicklas Medical Staffing, we cover these pointers quickly to provide a general foundation for our job seekers.

Discuss Your Experience

You will likely be asked to share your professional background and experience during the interview for your next pathologists’ assistant or histotech job. Be prepared to take a deeper dive into your resume, offering specific details and relevant examples that go beyond what’s on the page in front of them. Demonstrating firsthand insight into a specific type of work environment can set you apart from other job seekers.

If you don’t have that specific background, you can share how excited you are to work at a new type of lab. Talk about other jobs you had at similar university, free-standing, or community hospital labs. You’ll also want to discuss any skill sets you’ve acquired at your previous positions that will be relevant to highlight that you’re a solid match for the open opportunity.

Also, be sure to point out if you’re familiar with the software system to stand out from other applicants.

Think Like a Boss

This is where researching the lab and pathologists’ assistant or histotech job in advance will prove a valuable tool. Most medical lab leaders will ask why you would like to work at their specific facility. Do your research in advance and be ready to mention something specific to the lab and role that excites you about the opportunity.

Ask Good Questions

When applying for lab jobs, it’s best to come prepared with good questions to ask and have a flexible mindset about different techniques and different labs. Asking thoughtful questions shows the interviewer how interested you are in the position.

Many pathologists’ assistants and histotechs may not have the software experience needed for a position, but demonstrating a willingness and ability to learn new technology quickly is helpful.

Share Your Why

Of course, it doesn't always have to be a professional reason that prompted you to apply for the job. You can also talk about family or friends in the area or even that you like the city as a reason why you’re excited about the lab job.


Nicklas Medical Staffing Can Help You Find Your Next Dream Lab Job

Here at Nicklas Medical Staffing, we will work with you to prepare you to match with the multiple job options we have ready all across the country. Contact us today to get the search for your next lab opportunity started.

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