6 Tips to Maximize Your Income on Your Next Pathology or Histology Job

Ready to learn insider tips and suggestions on how to maximize profits on your next travel lab job? Nicklas Medical Staffing can help.  

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Meal Planning


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At Nicklas Medical Staffing, we offer our travel pathologists’ assistants and HT/HLs competitive compensation and access to industry-leading benefits. However, as the only lab staffing agency owned and operated by an ASCP-certified pathologists’ assistant, we know there are other ways to optimize profits on a contract that go beyond pay rate and benefits alone. 

Our free digital download, 6 Tips to Maximize Your Income on Your Next Pathology or Histology Job, offers an inside look at how leading lab professionals like yourself can drive profits on every travel opportunity. 

We offer a wide range of money-saving suggestions, including lodging, transportation, meal planning, and more. Use every tip on every contract — or simply pick and choose the ones that work best for you on any given assignment for fun and creative ways to boost final income while traveling.

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