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Phoenix, Arizona Temporary Pathologists' Assistant

Nicklas Medical Staffing | Jul 28, 2022 4:31:00 PM


Pathologists' Assistant

13 Week Contract - August Start Date


This is a beautiful facility, it’s more like a hotel than a hospital with an amazing culture “where we all treat each other with kindness, dignity and respect.” Hospital lab. 2PAs.2 histotechnologists. 2 full time pathologists. 2 locum pathologists. Flexible hours: Option 1 which is 3 ten hour shifts paying 32 hours/week. Option 2 would be 3 twelve hour shifts paying 36 hours/week. Start time is at 7am or 8am on Mon-Wed or Wed-Fri. ~20,000 specimens/year.
Cases range from small biopsies as well as medium to large specimens. Large resections including lung, GI, GU, breast, thorax and skin. No autopsies. ~2 frozens/day. LIS - Copath. HIS - SCM. Voice dictation - Voicebrook Pro.

Career Building Handbook for Pathologists' Assistants and Histotechs
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