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Nicklas Medical Staffing | Mar 28, 2023 11:23:58 AM


One of America's oldest and most historic cities. From beautiful beaches along the coast, to scenic green trails throughout the state! 

Starting April, 2023

Permanent Full Time Pathologists' Assistant

Permanent job with great benefits, specimen diversity, and an exceptional professional staff.

The position covers 2 to 3 locations with all types of cases

such as breast, prostate, gyn, gi, etc.

~8k specimens/year in each location.

The workload is split between 6 PAs and residents.
All locations are hospital-based.

One primary PA at each location. This new PA and the other current PAs rotate to the 3 sites to provide support and vacation coverage as needed.

Coverage could be solo as well as paired with another PA at the smaller sites.

One smaller site might involve autopsies.
All 3 locations have frozens.
Software used: Copath

Available Upon Inquiry

Career Building Handbook for Pathologists' Assistants and Histotechs
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