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Arizona Pathologists' Assistant

Nicklas Medical Staffing | May 17, 2022 4:10:56 PM

Location: Arizona

University-Teaching Hospital

13 Weeks

Start Date: June 20th, 2022

  • Hours: One of two shifts-- 7:30-4:30 or 9-6pm. Possible few hours on a Saturday.
  • Two PAs. 1 pathology resident. ~18,000 specimens per year.  
  • No autopsies
  • Cut Frozen Section only if you have the skill and experience.
  • Specimen types:  Small biopsies to a wide variety of large complicated specimens including: Whipple resections, breast resections, soft tissue/sarcoma resections, ENT.
  • Biobanking of tumor cases.
  • Evaluate renal biopsies to determine adequacy.
  • May be asked questions regarding proper grossing technique from residents. Prior teaching experience is helpful.
  • Cerner and Fusion Dictate
Career Building Handbook for Pathologists' Assistants and Histotechs
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