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Why Pathologists’ Assistants Are Exploring Travel PA Jobs in 2022

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The rapidly shifting job markets of 2020 continued through 2021. The pandemic and economic turmoil have impacted pathology and histology labs as much as the rest of the medical field. Labs spent the last year swinging between hiring freezes and scrambles to fill critical staffing shortages, exasperating PAs and histotechs in search of their next opportunity.  

However, we’re well on our way into the new year, and staffing requests for qualified pathologists’ assistants are setting up to be competitive in 2022. Permanent pathology lab jobs will always be on the radar, but this may be the perfect year to explore the unique advantages of temporary or travel PA jobs. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of a travel role in the pathology laboratory:

  • Hiring Is in Full Swing Now: Late January through the end of March is an annual mad dash in PA and histotech staffing. While the labs are busiest near the end of the year, this is the peak season for expanding the lab team. Temporary or travel jobs comprise a busy and competitive market this time of year, and Nicklas always has your back as you search for the right fit.
  • Travel Roles Fit Every Kind of Lab: Travel roles are unique in that they’re in demand for growing and shrinking labs alike — perfect for a constantly changing job market. A lab that’s reorganizing after a buyout or to accommodate for a maternity leave will find real value in taking on a travel pathologists’ assistant. The benefits package covered by the staffing agency and the set hourly pay rate of a contract employee relieve pressure on the lab to rush into a permanent hire. Thriving labs are likewise incentivized to source travel PA jobs, which are efficient for building out the lab’s staff quickly and flexibly for strategic growth.
  • You’ll Expand Your Horizons: Traveling can be a rejuvenating experience for PAs and HTs. You may have considered trying out a new type of lab, but are concerned you won’t love it. With temporary, travel PA jobs, you’ll have the chance to test the waters before committing long term to the lab. Even new PAs can use travel roles to get a feel for the lab type that’s the best fit for their needs and skillset. Once you’re feeling confident in what you’re looking for, Nicklas is ready to work with you to negotiate your best pay and benefits with our permanent placement services.
  • Travel PA Jobs Match All Experience Levels: Traveling positions are out there for applicants at every stage of their career. You might be a new pathologists’ assistant or histotech looking to break into your first lab role, or you might have 20 years of experience under your belt. Either way, the current market for travel PAs has numerous opportunities that match your skillset, experience, and career growth ambitions.
  • Comprehensive Benefits From Day 1: At Nicklas Medical Staffing, all of our travel PA jobs feature competitive total compensation including an extensive benefits package from day 1. Your travel role will come with access to health, dental, vision, 401k/Roth IRA (with match), malpractice insurance, and workers’ compensation. Travel, lodging, meals, and transportation allowances are also included.
  • You Could Find Your Forever Home: There will be many pathology laboratories looking to fill permanent roles in the next few years as the industry enters rapid growth. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected job growth for the category including pathologists’ assistants is 31% over the next 10 years. That’s versus just 4% for all occupations over the same period. This is the perfect time to embark on travel PA jobs find your dream location while building a valuable network of professional relationships. As permanent roles open up, you’ll know where you see yourself and what to expect. And stay in touch! At Nicklas, we keep a close eye on attractive permanent openings and have a proven track record of finding ideal permanent placements for our job seekers.

These are just a few of the perks of trying your hand at traveling pathology laboratory jobs in 2022. If you’re interested in learning more about travel, temp, or temp-to-perm positions for qualified pathologists’ assistants and histotechs, get in touch with Nicklas Medical Staffing today. We invite you to download our free resource. Pack Your Bags: The Best Lab Jobs You Never Knew You Wanted, for more insights into the travel lab lifestyle and why PAs and histotechs are on the hunt for travel positions in 2022.


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